Kung Cheen-Howng is an English teacher and American representative. His first tournament was SASUKE 30 where he cleared the First Stage with a narrow margin of 2.0 seconds left, however he then went out early on the Second Stage where he failed the Cross Slider, becoming only the second competitor to do so.

He returned in and met a similar fate, clearing the First Stage and once again failing on the Cross Slider in the Second Stage. Although this time he failed in a more controversial matter. The mechanism holding up the Cross Slider was not placed properly due to an oversight after Ragivaru Anastase broke the rungs of the Salmon Ladder Nobori and Salmon Ladder Kudari. There was a half hour break to fix the ladders and the Cross Slider wasn't placed properly, resulting in the obstacle tilting sideways, causing him to fall despite having the right technique. He returned in SASUKE 32 , where his run is all cut, failed on Orugōru.

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