Kinniku Banzuke GB 3: Shinseiki Survival Retsuden!
Game Cover
Publisher Konami
Genre Sports/Various
Release Date February 22, 2001
Product Code CGB-B7KJ-JPN
Country of Origin Japan
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Kinniku Banzuke GB 3 - Shinseiki Survival Retsuden! is the third Kinniku Banzuke game released for the Game Boy. It was created by Konami and released on February 22, 2001. The main feature of this game is it's SASUKE mode. Players can choose either Kane Kosugi or Ōmori Akira and go through SASUKE 6's course. The only difference between the game and the real course is that their is a three minute time limit on the entire Third Stage. This is done so players can't just for an unlimited amount of time between obstacles, adding to the realism of the game.

Controls when not on an obstacle

Directional Pad - Move

A - Jump

B - Run

Start - Pause

Select - Nothing


Difficulty ratings

Rating Difficulty
* Very easy
** Easy
*** Intermediate
**** Hard
***** Very hard

First Stage

75 seconds to clear. Don't worry about conserving energy, as it is impossible to gain anything back until the Third Stage. Try to run through the course as fast as possible, holding run the entire time. If you do all of the obstacles perfectly on your first attempt, you'll fail on the Tarzan Jump because your stamina will be completely gone. You need a minimum bottom stat of 25 to clear in time.The stage can be done as quickly as 48 seconds (27 seconds left on the clock).

        Obstacle Difficulty     Attribute                                             Method/ Description
Maruta Nobori


 * Jump/ Power A fairly simple first obstacle. To clear, hold B to run and press A to

jump at the end of the platform. Press too late or not at all and

you'll run right into the water. Once you've made it onto the press

A again as soon as you touch the logs to jump again and clear

the obstacle.

If you don't press A again, a bar will come up where you have to

smash B in order to crawl up the logs. However, success this way

is slim and will likely end in failure.

Rolling Maruta


**** Timing A difficult obstacle because of the many ways to fail there. The fastest

(and therefore least draining) way to clear this obstacle is to approach

the obstacle by holding right. Once the balance meter starts, let it move

all the way to the right. Then, quickly press left. If done correctly, the bar

will now start to move back towards the left.  As it reaches the edge of

the white area, press right one more time. This will move the cursor

back over and should be enough to clear.

If your character gets stuck, try to press left and right to get your

character to start  swinging his body as this will move him down

the track. However, if your stamina runs  out, you'll lose your grip

and fail.

Yureru Hashi


* Speed/


A very simple obstacle, can be completed with no stamina left.

The quickest way to clear this obstacle is to run by pressing B.

Keep running past the divider and press A to jump at the end of

the middle divider.

You can also clear by jumping twice,one before and one after

the divider.

Jump Hang


*** Power/


A tricky obstacle, but one that can be completed with no stamina left.

After you jump  down from the platform, you can move back towards

the wall to gain more speed,  however this is optional.

Smash B to gain speed by running, the jump meter will automatically


The important thing is to hit the trampoline close to perfect or perfectly.

If your stats are low, there is little margin of error. However as your stats

improve, there is more room for error. If you miss hitting the trampoline

correctly, your character will flail and miss the net completely. If you've

hit the trampoline well enough, you character will fly towards the net.

Press A to lock your legs into the net once he has grabbed on.

Now, you can either decide to go up or down. For whatever reason,

going up doesn't always work. If you do press left to move back up the

net and it will automatically jump over. The other way is to go down.

Be careful though. When pressing right, don't hold it too long or else

your character will lose balance and let go of the net.

Soritatsu Kabe


*** Speed/


This can be tough, but it can be completed with no stamina left.

Smash B to run and A to jump. Timing is critical. While running,

jump at the very last rectangular section before the wall gets completely

vertical (and shaded). The closer you get to there, the more likely you'll

make it to the top. Once you have grabbed onto the top, smash B to

pull yourself over.

Tarzan Jump


* Timing Very simple obstacle but you need at least one bar of stamina to

complete it.

Approach the rope and press A to jump. Press A again to plant your

feet onto the wall.

If you mistime that, or if you don't have any stamina, you will knock your

head against the wall and fall into the water.

Rope Climb


** Timing Again, a simple obstacle but it more depends on your character's stats

if you are going to clear on time. If you have no stamina left you'll

probably time out there.

The bar will start to move left and right to the letters A and B. When

the bar reaches the end of the white part of A, press A and when the bar

reaches the end of the white part of B, press B. If you clear on time

your character will automatically pull themselves up and smoke will


Overall Difficulty: **

Second Stage

A fairly easy stage, most of the obstacle are easy if you know the method to clear the obstacles. You have 50 seconds to clear 5 obstacles. Don't worry about conserving energy, as it is impossible to gain anything back until the Third Stage. Try to run through the course as fast as possible, holding run the entire time.  This stage can be done as quickly as 30 seconds (20 seconds left on the clock).

           Obstacle Difficulty  Attribute                                                      Method / Description


* Balance A simple first obstacle for this stage. Press right to get to this obstacle. After arriving, press

up to move up, then press right until the end of the obstacle. Don't hold the buttons too

long or you'll lose balance and fall.

Spider Walk


** Power An easy obstacle, keep pressing A and your desired direction to clear. If you didn't press

hard enough you'll fail.

At the end of the obstacle, press B to slide down the pole and move on.

Goren Hammer


**** Timing/


This is probably the hardest obstacle in this stage. You probably have around 35

seconds left, so don't worry about time. Just wait until the first hammer moves to a

side, then press up to cross. Press left if you are too far of right, and vice versa.

If you lose balance, just smash A to regain it. If this occurs at the middle after

regaining balance you'll be hit by one of the hammers and fall, then fail.

Gyakusō Conveyor


** Power A very simple obstacle, just keep smashing B until the end of the obstacle to clear.
Wall Lifting


** Power An easy obstacle, when you reach the first wall, press B to raise power and lift the wall up.

When the power level reaches red the wall should be high enough. Now, press down

and A at the same time to get under and across it. Repeat the process at the next two

walls, although they should be harder to lift because they are heavier.

After lifting all three walls, just run across the finish line. If you reach that in time smoke

will appear and you'll clear.

Overall Difficulty: **

Third Stage

Unlike the real competition, the third stage has a 180-second (3-minute) time limit to clear all five obstacles. Stamina is everything to clear.  Don't rush. Take your time and rest between obstacles to regain your stamina, especially when the white and orange bars are all gone.

         Obstacle Difficulty    Attribute                                                         Method / Description
Propeller Untei


*** Timing An easy obstacle. Press A and B to rotate the bars.

If the next bar gets near you, press A just in time to reach the next bar and repeat this

process until you get to the end of this obstacle.

Body Prop


** Power

Unlike the true obstacle itself, this is probably the easiest obstacle on stage 3.

Press A hard, but only once, then  press right, then press B like the way you press

A, then press right. Repeat  this process until you get to the end.

Arm Bike


**** Speed Press the following buttons listed below in the listed pattern below:

Up, Right, Down, Left

The faster you push the buttons the more power you'll gain and the faster you'll move.

Cliff Hanger



Timing /


You are probably exhausted now so rest because this is a stamina drainer and

probably the hardest obstacle in stage 3. Unlike the true one this one has 4 ledges,

3 at the same level and 1 higher.

Press right, then press A and B like the Rope Climb. Unlike the Rope Climb if you miss

you'll fail immediately. When you get to a gap, keep pressing A to increase power to get

across. The final gap will take much power though.

Pipe Slider


*** Power

Overall Difficulty: ***

Final Stage

Congratulations! You are only one stage away to achieve kanzenseiha! You have 30 seconds to scale this big metal tower. If you are doing the competition mode where you confront each stage without breaks, try to conserve as much stamina as possible, especially as stage three, as the more stamina you have the faster you'll climb the rope.

              Obstacle Difficulty Attribute                                   Method / Description

Spider Climb


** Power

Tsuna Nobori


**** Timing

Overall Difficulty:***

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