Kinniku Banzuke - Kimero! Kiseki no Kanzen Seiha
Game Cover
Developer Jupiter Multimedia
Publisher Konami
Genre Sports/Various
Release Date December 6, 2001
Product Code AGB-AK5J-JPN
Country of Origin Japan
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Kinniku Banzuke - Kimero! Kiseki no Kanzen Seiha (or Kinniku Banzuke - Jigoku no Final Attack) is a video game created by Konami for the Game Boy Advance console. It is based off of SASUKE 7.

Controls When Not On An Obstacle

A - Jump

B - Run

L - nothing

R - nothing

left - move left

right - move right

up - nothing

down - nothing


Stage 1

Maruta Nobori

-Press A to jump to the logs

-alternately press L and R to get to the top

Rolling Maruta

-Let your stamina refill

-go over to the log to grab on

- press R while you are on the side that is red and has the R next to it

-press L while you are on the side that is green and has the L next to it

Yureru Hashi

-Let your stamina refill

-Press A to jump across, repeat this 2-4 times to get across.

Jump Hang

-Let your stamina refill

-Press L and R, exactly like the Maruta Nobori.

-Press A when the "Jump" bar gets to the end.

If you get high enough to climb over:

-Press L and R like at the beginning of the obstacle until you get to the end If you are too low to climb over:

-If you have a bar that goes left with an L:

-press L repetitively

-If you have a bar that goes right with an R:

-press R repetitively

Soritatsu Kabe

-Press L and R, exactly like the Maruta Nobori to build up the bar looking like the kabe.

-Press A when you run up to the curved part of the wall

-Press L and R, exactly like the Maruta Nobori to climb over.

Rope Climb

-Run up to the rope to grab on

-Hit A when you hit the wall

-Hit L when the bar on the left goes near the top

-Hit R when the bar on the right goes near the top

-Repeat the last 2 steps until you are at the top. You will automatically climb over and hit the red button.

Stage 2

Chain Reaction

-Press A when the bar gets to the point that you want and slide down the track.

-Press A when the white line gets into the green area for the swing

-Repeat step one

-If you stop on the track sliding down, hit L and R like the Soritatsu Kabe.

Brick Climb

-Press L and R to climb up, exactly like the Soritatsu Kabe.

Spider Walk

-First, get the spray on your hands by pressing B when next to it.

-Once you do that, press A to get onto the actual obstacle

-When the bars turn blue on the bottom of the screen, hit L and R simultaneously.

-Repeat Step 3 until end of obstacle.

Goren Hammer

-When the first hammer starts coming down, hit L and R like the Brick Climb as fast as you can until you reach the end of the obstacle.

Gyaksô Conveyor

-Make absolute sure your stamina is fully charged

-Hit A and B like you hit L and R on the Hammer, until you reach the end.

Wall Lifting

-Make absolute sure your stamina is fully charged

-Hit A and left like the conveyor for each wall until you clear, taking breaks to regain stamina in between the walls.

Stage 3

Propeller Untei

There is a glitch that makes this obstacle unpassable. However, there is a cheat in which you press select and change "Kyougi" to 001 to get to the next obstcle.(002 to get to the Arm Bike, 003 for the Cliff Hanger, and 004 to get to the Pipe Slider.
Propeller Untei glitch00:36

Propeller Untei glitch

A video the glitch on the Propeller Untei.

Body Prop

-Essentially the same as the Spider Walk, except you have to spam L and R to get past the bumps so much that the bar goes fully red.

Arm Bike

-Press Up, Right, Down, and Left rapidly to get to the other end.

Cliff Hanger

-To cross this, when the bar reaches the line or goes past it, press L when it's the L side, and R on the R side.

Pipe Slider

-The same as the Spider Walk; however, you don't have to get in the blue every time.

Final Stage

Spider Climb

-Hit L and R simultaneously, followed by hitting A and left simultaneously, repeat, do that as quick as possible in 15 seconds, otherwise the walls will split and you will fall.

Final Rope

-Hit L then R then A one after the other to complete this, if you do complete it, congratulations! You have achieved Kanzen Seiha!


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