Kevin Klein is an NFL entertainer who has competed six times on American Ninja Warrior.

He first competed in ANW 4 in the Midsouth region. He finished the qualifying course with the 17th fastest time and the semi-finals with the 5th fastest time, qualifying for Vegas. He failed the Jumping Spider in Stage 1.

Klein did not compete in ANW 5 but returned for ANW 6 and competed in Dallas. He completed the qualifying course with the 2nd fastest time but failed the Pole Grasper in the city finals. He placed 8th and had the fastest time for a non finisher, qualifying for Vegas for the second consecutive season. On Stage 1, he struggled on the Warped Wall but finally got up on his fifth attempt. Time was running low, so he rushed through the Spin Bridge and failed.

In ANW 7, he competed in Houston. In the qualifying course, he failed the Swinging Spikes and placed 23rd. In the city finals, he made it to the Walking Bar and placed 11th, again qualifying for Vegas. He cleared Stage 1 for the first time ever with just 4 seconds left. On Stage 2, he failed the Rope Jungle.

In ANW 8, failed the Log Runner in Oklahoma. This was his first season where he didn't qualify for Las Vegas.

In ANW 9, he cleared the San Antonio qualifying course, placing 7th overall. In the city finals, he was disqualified on the Hourglass Drop, one of the most failed obstacles of that season. He did not return to Vegas, placing 19th overall.

In ANW 10, he competed in Dallas again. His run was digested, but he failed the new Tuning Forks. His run wasn't fast enough to make the Top 30, and he failed to advance to Vegas for the third year in a row.