Kevin Carbone is a tennis instructor from Alpharetta, Georgia. Carbone was perhaps notable for being one of the seven winners from ANW's obstacle design challenge, eventually becoming the first designer to compete on a created obstacle, which he created the Wingnuts in Daytona Beach qualifying.

Oddly enough, despite winning the obstacle design challenge, Carbone did not get a call back from the casting crew for his submission to compete on the course. He then relied on waiting in the walk-on line, which he luckily one of the few selected. Carbone was then able to attempt his own creation, the Wingnuts, which had a high knockout rate eliminating 40 competitors in qualifying. Carbone was able to complete his own and managed to finish the course with the 13th fastest time. In the city finals, he became the first competitor of the night that cleared the Giant Cubes. Though Carbone later fell one obstacle later on the Circuit Board, he placed 8th and moved on to the national finals. In the national finals, Carbone fell on the Jumping Spider.

Carbone is currently working on more obstacle designs following the next season. One of which is titled Pegasus, a Salmon Ladder and Monkey Peg hybrid that utilizes competitors to climb two walls with pegs.

Kevin Carbone at the Daytona Beach Qualifiers - American Ninja Warrior 201705:53

Kevin Carbone at the Daytona Beach Qualifiers - American Ninja Warrior 2017

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