Kevin Bull is a 31-year old stock trader who first competed in American Ninja Warrior 6 as a walk-on. He is a fan of American Ninja Warrior and has trained with some ANW Veterans.

American Ninja Warrior 6

Kevin bull ANW 6

Kevin attempting the Spider Climb in the Venice Finals.

Kevin Bull competed in Venice Qualifying as a walk-on and finished the course with the fourth-fastest time to qualify for the Venice Finals. In the Venice Finals, he used an unorthodox approach to complete Cannonball Alley by using his feet to grab the third cannonball. He would eventually be one of only two competitors to complete the Venice Finals course, the other being David Campbell. In Vegas, he was the last hope for Venice for no one from Venice completed Stage 1. He shockingly failed the Silk Slider and no Venice qualifier completed Stage 1.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Kevin Bull competed again in the Venice Qualifying Round. On the course, he blazed through all six obstacles and finished with the fastest time to qualify to the Venice finals. In the Finals, he was able to clear the Salmon Ladder, (Modified) Rumbling Dice, and Clear Climb, but wasn't able to get up the Invisible Ladder. He was one of only three competitors to reach the last obstacle in the finals. Kevin still got far and fast enough and move on to Vegas.

In Las Vegas, he completed Stage One with almost 50 seconds left and broke the streak of Stage 1 fails from the Venice competitors that started the previous season. On the Second Stage, Kevin once again blazed through all the obstacles and finished with the second fastest time. In Stage Three, Bull kept a fast pace on the first three obstacles. Unfortunately, on the newly modified Ultimate Cliffhanger, Kevin wasn't able to get a firm grip on the transition to the small ledge and failed.

He represented Team USA in the third American Ninja Warrior International Tournament. In the tournament He competed on Stages 1 and 2. On stage 1, he went up against Tim Champion of Team Europe and Takahashi Kenji of Team Japan. Surprisingly, he failed the Jumping Spider. Unfortunately, Tim Champion advanced all the the way to the Flying Triple Swing and won the heat for Team Europe. On stage 2, Bull competed against Stefano Ghisolfi of Team Europe and Hioki Masashi of Team Japan. Even though he cleared stage 2 in the regular tournament, he shockingly failed the Double Salmon Ladder. He lost the heat to Ghisolfi who advanced all the way to Roulette Row before failing. Team USA ultimately won the tournament.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Kevin Bull competed again in the Los Angeles Qualifying Round at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he blazed through all six obstacles on the course and finished with the fastest time at 02:02.81 to qualify to the Los Angeles Finals. In the Los Angeles City Finals, Bull blazed through the first seven obstacles at a very fast pace. Unfortunately, like many that day, Bull failed the new obstacle, The Wedge. Due to his quick pace on the beginning of the course, Bull finished third overall and punched his ticket to Vegas for the third consecutive year.

In Las Vegas, he sadly fell once again on the third obstacle of Stage One, which is the new Giant Log Grip.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Kevin Bull once again competed in the Los Angeles Qualifying. From there, he had some slip ups on the Battering Ram and almost failed there, but he still managed to finished the course with the third fastest time. In the city finals. Kevin's run was shown midway and he fell on the Stair Hopper landing him in 8th place which was good enough for him to advance to Vegas.

In the Vegas finals, his first stage run was digested but it was shown that he completed stage 1 with 27.95 seconds left. In stage two, Kevin maneuvered through the first four obstacles with finesse. However, as Kevin attempted to make the transition to the second wingnut on Wingnut Alley, he hit his chin badly causing him to fall straight in the water.

ANW # Result Notes
ANW 6 62 Failed Silk Slider (First Stage)
ANW 7 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Transition to small ledge
ANW 8 Failed Giant Log Grip (First Stage)
ANW 9 Failed Wingnut Alley (Second Stage) Transition to second wingnut

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