Age 38
Occupation Coach / Bodybuilder
Number of competitions 3
First competition SASUKE 4
Last competition


Best result Yureru Hashi (First Stage, SASUKE 4)
Ken Yasuda ( KEN 安田 )is a bodybuilder and coach of the IFL's Tokyo Sabres who took on SASUKE 3 times, always going out in the first stage. He went the furthest in his first attempt, failing the Yureru Hashi in SASUKE 4. In this two other attempts, he failed the Rolling Maruta and the Sandan Rolling Maruta, bringing the log off the tracks both times.


SASUKE # Result Notes
4 88 Failed Yureru Hashi (First Stage)
5 96 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
6 70 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage) Made it to the end, but lost his balance and slipped back.

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