Kato Masafumi (加藤 晶文) is a army soldier in the Ground Self-Defense Force who has competed in two SASUKE tournaments. He is most noted for placing first in the 1200m race to decide numbers in SASUKE 18. He chose #77 and was able to make it to the Log Grip before failing.

He returned in SASUKE 20 but was digested and shown that he failed the Jumping Spider when he failed to stick to the walls.

He returned in SASUKE 23, wearing #24. Although he was all cut, it is known from the SASUKE Library 23rd iPhone application that he made it all the way to the Slider Jump before either failing or timing out.


SASUKE # Result Notes
18 77 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
20 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Digest
23 24 Failed Slider Jump (First Stage) All Cut

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