Karsten Williams is a Personal Trainer from McKinney TX.

Karsten first competed in Denver in American Ninja Warrior 5, where he tried to one-step the Quintuple Steps and fell early on just the first obstacle.

American Ninja Warrior 6

Karsten later competed in Dallas in American Ninja Warrior 6, this time taking a more methodical approach on the course. In qualifying, he became the first competitor that cleared the course. He cleared the city finals course as well and moved onto the National Finals. On the first stage, Karsten was one of the many competitors that failed the Silk Slider.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Karsten returned to compete in Houston in American Ninja Warrior 7. In Qualifying he failed the Swinging Spikes but he placed 22nd in the top 30. in the city finals he was only one of five competitors that cleared the Walking Bar, but he failed the Crazy Cliffhanger. Karsten still managed to place 4th overall and moved onto the national finals for the second year in a row. On Stage 1, his run was digested but it was shown that he failed the Propeller Bar.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Karsten returned to compete in Oklahoma City in American Ninja Warrior 8. His run was digested in Qualifying but it was shown that he finished the course placing 12th. In the city finals, Karsten ran as the final runner and eliminated his friend Tremayne Dortch from the Top 15. Though eventually Karsten failed the new Window Hang, he placed 8th overall and moved on to the national finals for his third year in a row. His run on Stage 1 was digested but it was shown that he failed the Jumping Spider, midway through the Spider Walk portion of the obstacle.

In an All-Stars competition that took place after the regular season in ANW 8, Karsten was one of the competitors who competed on the Super Salmon Ladder skills challenge. Karsten raced up all 35 possible rungs on the ladder, and even managed to do four additional rungs downward, scaling 39 total rungs. His performance later beat the defending champion, Mike Bernardo, who fell on the last possible rung this time around, and was crowned the new champion of the Super Salmon Ladder. This victory later innovated high confidence for him in the next season.

-18 Karsten's Fast Kats- Karsten Williams (Captain)., Kevin Klein, and Joy Strickland (Team Ninja Warrior Season 2).

American Ninja Warrior 9

Karsten returned to compete in San Antonio in American Ninja Warrior 9. His run in qualifying was digested but it was shown that he cleared the qualifying course with the 5th fastest time. In the city Finals, Karsten became the first athlete of the night that conquered the Hourglass Drop but he failed the new Spinball Wizard, making it the third year in a row that he failed the 9th obstacle on a city finals course. Karsten did place 5th overall and he moved on to the national finals again. On Stage 1, Karsten was looking strong early but failed the Domino Pipes making it the 4th year in a row that he failed Stage 1.

ANW # Result Notes
6 1 Failed Silk Slider (First Stage)
7 Failed Propeller Bar (First Stage)
8 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Slipped midway through the obstacle
9 Failed Domino Pipes (First Stage)

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