Kadota Masayuki (門田 雅之) is a former lacrosse player who competed in two Shin-SASUKE tournaments, being digested both times. He made his debut in SASUKE 18 where he performed well in the race, beating competitors such as Nagano Makoto and getting a very high number, #92. During the competition, he was shown to have made it to the Flying Chute. While he was almost out of time (as the ten second warning buzzer is audible), he was able to slide down the chute but failed to hold onto the rope and backflipped into the water.

He returned in SASUKE 19, wearing #78. He was again digested and again made it to the Flying Chute. This time, he was able to grab the rope, but was unable to hold onto it on the first rebound as he reached for the cargo net.


SASUKE # Result Notes
18 92 Failed Flying Chute (First Stage) Digest.
19 78 Failed Flying Chute (First Stage) Digest.

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