This is the 6th KUNOICHI Competition. It took place during the year that Nagano Makoto achieved Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 17. This tournament has 20 nations being represented. In addition, numbers were not given out in this tournament, it's only known that Tanaka Maho wore #81, and Miyake Ayako wore #100 because they made it to the Final Stage.

In the First Stage, four new obstacles were placed, the Fuyuu Sou, Prism See-Saw, Shoushi, and the Rakka Bou. 11 were able to clear including the youngest woman Higashi Rena, and the oldest woman Kitagawa Narumi.

In the Second Stage, all except the Daichoyaku was replaced. The Second Stage was also made into a time trial were only 6 women or less can move on to Stage Three.

In the Third Stage, the Tenbinbashi returned, and the Kenzandou was introduced. Tanaka Maho set the fastest pace on the Tourenta and cleared. Miyake Ayako cleared for a third time.

In the Final Stage, Tanaka Maho was too slow up the Mujou Kabe, and timed out before the Tenkubou. Miyake Ayako reached the top with 0.66 seconds remaining, achieving a third Kanzenseiha.

First Stage

Fuyuu Sou

Prism See-Saw



Enchu Nori


Rakka Bou


Time Limit: 95 seconds


Name Profile Result Notes
Inada Ayako (24) Muscle Musical Member Shoushi
Mori Yoko (34) Model Shoushi Skimmed water with foot
Arine Uge (27) Brazilian Samba Dancer Fuandou
Miyano Yoko (22) Defense Force Member Fuyuu Sou
Roredana Bobok (22) Olympian Shoushi
Satake Hiromi (32) Sumo Wrestler [Fuyuu Sou]]
??? Tunisian Tae Kwon Do Champion [Fuyuu Sou]]
Simone Franco (27) Brazilian Samba Dancer Fuyuu Sou
Sekine Mari (21) Comedian Shoushi
Yoshida Tomoko (22) Double Dutch Champion Clear (14.22 seconds left)
Kitagawa Narumi (41) Pro Surfer Clear (6.26 seconds left) Oldest Stage One Finisher ever.
Tachikawa Maya (27) Japanese Cyclist Clear (4.7 seconds left)
Maeda Mizuho (20) Gymnastics Tutor Clear (10.43 seconds left)
Sugita Junna (24) Dancer Shoushi
Ebony (23) Australian Soccer Player Enchu Nori
Higashi Yuko (44) Housewife Enchu Nori
Che Shini (23) Korean Boxing Champion Enchu Nori
Higashi Rena (13)


Clear (8.04 seconds left) Youngest Stage One Finisher ever.
Kyra Gracie (21) Jujitsu champion Fuandou
Okamoto Sayaka (16) Gas station employee Clear (4.1 seconds left)
Mizuno Yuko (24) Celebrity Athlete Fuandou
Matsumoto Mika (15) Soccer Player Clear (2.3 seconds left)
Erin Jessica Doherty (27) American Personal Trainer Clear (15.17 seconds left)
Tanaka Maho (28) #81 Pro Snowboarder and Wakeboarder Clear (2.7 seconds left)
Iwai Tomoka (25) Former Junior Olympian Clear (14.6 seconds left)
Catalina Ponor (19) Olympian Shoushi
Miyake Ayako (30) Acrobat, 2-time KUNOICHI champion Clear (10.32 seconds left)

Second Stage




Ami Watari


Time Limit: Time Trial (75 seconds)

Name Result Notes
Yoshida Tomoko (22) Failed Daichoyaku Too long of a jump
Kitagawa Narumi (41) Clear 69.8 seconds 8th place, no advance
Tachikawa Maya (27) Failed Burandou
Maeda Mizuho (20) Clear 62.0 seconds
Higashi Rena (13) Clear 68.6 seconds
Matsumoto Mikari (15) Clear 69.0 seconds 7th place, no advance
Okamoto Sayaka (16) Failed Burandou
Iwai Tomoka (24) Clear 56.4 seconds
Erin Jessica Doherty (27) Clear 67.5 seconds
Tanaka Maho (28) Clear 68.0 seconds
Miyake Ayako (30) Clear 60.7 seconds

Stage 3


① ^Kenzandou 剣山道

② *Tourenta 倒連板

Tenbinbashi 天秤橋

Time Limit: Unlimited

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Obstacle Modification


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
Higashi Rena (13) Baseball Player Kenzandou 剣山道
Erin Jessica Doherty (27) American Personal Trainer Kenzandou 剣山道
81 Tanaka Maho (28) Pro Snowboarder and Wakeboarder Clear
Iwai Tomoka (25) Former Junior Olympian Tourenta 倒連板 Used her hands in the Green Zone.
Maeda Mizuho (20) Gymnastics Tutor Tenbinbashi 天秤橋
100 Miyake Ayako (30) Muscle Musical Member/Acrobat/Two time KUNOICHI Kanzenseiha achiever Clear
Total 6 Attempts 2 Clears

Final Stage

Mujou Kabe (10m)

Tenkubou (5m)

Time Limit: 30 seconds

# Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
81 Tanaka Maho (30) Snowboarder/Wakeboarder Mujou Kabe (10m) Time Out. About 10m up. Failed at the transition from the wall to the pole.
100 Miyake Ayako (30) Acrobat/Muscle Musical Member/Two time KUNOICHI Kanzenseiha achiever Kanzenseiha 0.66 seconds left.
Total 2 Attempts 1 Clear

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