Josh Levin is a professional rock climber from Sunnyvale, California. He first competed in American Ninja Warrior 8.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Levin competed on the Los Angeles course in American Ninja Warrior 8. In Qualifying, he did quite well,
placing 12th. In City Finals, he was the second competitor to defeat The Wedge, and the only one to finish the course.

In the Vegas finals, Levin was one of the 17 competitors to have completed Stage 1, he finished with 7.76 seconds remaining. Levin was strong in Stage 2, until he failed the Double Wedge when he wasn't able to make the transition to the second bar. Levin went the farthest out of any rookie in American Ninja Warrior 8.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Josh returned to compete in LA in American Ninja Warrior 9. his run in qualifying was digested but it was shown that he finished the course placing 15th overall. he also finished the city finals course for the second year in a row, finishing in 4th place. In the national finals, Josh almost slipped on the Propeller Bar, but had finished Stage 1 with 14.30 seconds left. Looking eager to conquer all four stages, Levin shocked everybody when he made an mental mistake and lost his grip on the second board of the Wave Runner in stage 2. However, on social media, Levin revealed that his hand's condition also played a role in his failure, as when he jumped to the Propeller Bar on Stage 1, he rammed his hand on the propeller, causing it to swell.

Levin has his own personal blog, as shown here.

ANW # Results Notes
8 Failed Double Wedge (Second Stage) Transition to second bar
9 Failed Wave Runner (Second Stage) Lost grip on second board

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