Jonny Urszuly is the 2017 Last Man Standing - Ninja Warrior UK03:21

Jonny Urszuly is the 2017 Last Man Standing - Ninja Warrior UK

Jonny Urszuly is a Personal Trainer and Gymnast from Ormskirk, England, although originally from Budapest, Hungary. He competed in the first and third Ninja Warrior UK competitions, becoming the Last Man Standing of the latter and only the second ever to clear the 2nd Stage of the Ninja Warrior UK Final.

Ninja Warrior UK 1

Jonny competed in the inaugural Ninja Warrior UK tournament, quickly establishing himself as a standout competitor. He first appeared in the Fourth Heat and scaled the Warped Wall with ease, progressing to the Semi-Finals. There, he moved through the obstacles quickly, clearing with the fourth fastest time and advancing to the finals. In the finals, Jonny became one of only six competitors to clear the 1st Stage, but had trouble on Rope Jungle in the 2nd Stage, ultimately timing out on the Unstable Bridge.

Ninja Warrior UK 3

Although Jonny did not compete in Ninja Warrior UK 2, he returned for Ninja Warrior UK 3, hoping to avenge his defeat in series one. He breezed through the upgraded Heats and Semi-Finals easily, once again reaching the finals. In the 1st Stage, Jonny showed great confidence, clearing with the second fastest time and advancing to the 2nd Stage. There, his true potential became clear when he improved upon his Series One performance, safely dismounting from the Monkey Pegs and blazing through Wall Lift to become only the second person ever to clear Ninja Warrior UK's 2nd Stage. Unfortunately, this victory was short lived when Jonny fell on the very next obstacle: the 3rd Stage's Crazy Cliffhanger, on the transition between the third and fourth ledges, likely due to a lack of rest between the 2nd and 3rd Stages. Still, this performance was enough to earn him the title of Last Man Standing for Series Three of Ninja Warrior UK, as well as the honour of having made it farther than anyone else up to that point.

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