Jonathan Sharp Brown is a PE Teacher who competed in six seasons of American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior 5

Jonathan Brown competed in his first season in Miami. In qualifying he ended up in 20th place as he was able to get through the first five obstacles quickly, but couldn't get up the Warped Wall. He was able to get up the Warped Wall in the finals, but wasn't able to get up the Salmon Ladder. However, he ended up placing 12th and was able to move on to the Vegas finals. In Vegas he ended up falling on the Jumping Spider.

American Ninja Warrior 6

Brown competed again in ANW 6, once again in Miami. He was able to finish the qualifying round this time, placing the 2nd fastest time at 51.11 seconds. He ended up falling on the Minefield in the finals, but that was still enough to get him into Vegas again. His run wasn't seen in Vegas but he ended up falling on the Jumping Spider again.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Jonathan Brown competed in ANW 7 in Orlando. Brown ended up taking an unbelievable approach on the Rolling Maruta, leaping the entire log entirely. However, he tried to rush through the Paddle Boards and ended up falling there in qualifying, failing to make it to Vegas this time.

American Ninja Warrior 8

He competed in Atlanta in ANW 8. He tried to go through the Floating Steps by using only one side and failed on the 5th and final step, once again failing to make it to Vegas. It was revealed Brown was one of the many veterans that were not invited back, and instead waited in the walk-on line for 23 days, only to last just 4 seconds on the course.

American Ninja Warrior 9

In American Ninja Warrior 9 he competed in Daytona qualifiers. His run was cut, but it was revealed that he was ordered to drop on the Rolling Thunder because his hand touched a piece of the Broken Bridge. As such, he was technically disqualified from the competition on the Broken Bridge rather than the Rolling Thunder.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Brown competed in American Ninja Warrior 10 where he had high confidence in running the course. As such, he attempted to run the course with his cell phone in his left shoe. Unfortunately, this proved to be an unwise move, as while he managed to sail past it, his cell phone fell into the water after Razor's Edge, short-circuiting it. Brown later fell two obstacles later on the Slippery Summit, and missed out on the top 30, placing 31st overall. This made it his fourth consecutive year being eliminated in qualifying.