Jon Stewart at the 2014 Denver Finals - American Ninja Warrior06:55

Jon Stewart at the 2014 Denver Finals - American Ninja Warrior

Jon Stewart's run in the Denver finals in season 6.

Jon Stewart is a construction manager who first competed in American Ninja Warrior 5. He is known by many for not only his age, but for his rock climbing experience as well.

Stewart first competed in American Ninja Warrior 5, where he failed the Warped Wall in Denver qualifying.

American Ninja Warrior 6

He returned in American Ninja Warrior 6, where he once again stumbled on the Warped Wall in Qualifying. Luckily, he placed 27th and moved on to the City Finals. This time, he scaled the Warped Wall on his third try and continued to move past the next four obstacles. Ultimately, Stewart completed the course at 52 years old and was given the title as the oldest competitor to finish a City Finals course.

Stewart had a huge crowd of supporters expecting him to do well in Vegas. However, he was one of the many to fail the Silk Slider.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Stewart returned in American Ninja Warrior 7, to which it was revealed that after such a performance last season, he almost was unable to come back due to a devastating collarbone injury. However, Stewart was one of the many competitors to finish the Kansas City Qualifying course. However, in the Finals, he fell on the 8th obstacle, the Flying Shelf Grab. Since the majority of competitors failed the next obstacle, the Body Prop, he couldn't get a shot at Vegas this time around.

American Ninja Warrior 8

In American Ninja Warrior 8, Jon Stewart once again scaled the Warped Wall and even broke a record this season for being the oldest athlete to finish Qualifying, now at 54 years of age. He was determined to finish the course like he did two seasons ago. Although he wasn't able to finish, Stewart made it to the 9th obstacle, the Window Hang, and placed 5th overall in the finals, moving on to the Vegas once again. He was the second to last competitor to run the Oklahoma City Finals and notably knocked out David Campbell out of the top 15 from his success on the course.

In Vegas, he was one of many to fail to fail the Propeller Bar.

In American Ninja Warrior 9, he competed in Denver, but shockingly failed the Bouncing Spider when he dove for the middle pipe and couldn't get a firm grip.

ANW # Result Notes
6 Failed Silk Slider
8 Failed Propeller Bar

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