Jeremiah Morgan is an American Ninja Warrior competitor. He first competed in American Ninja Warrior 6 In Dallas with his Father and brother. with his dad falling on the Tilting Table and his brother going out on the Ring Toss, he was the last hope for his family. He put on a strong and fast run but couldn't get up the Warped Wall. Because of his speedy time he made it far enough fast enough to put him in 22nd place so he made the Top 30 for the City Finals. In the City Finals he got up the Warped Wall on his first try and completed the course with the fastest city finals time of the year and made it to Vegas. While his run was cut in Vegas it is known that he fell on the Spin Bridge on Stage 1.

He then competed in Houston in American Ninja Warrior 7 where in the qualifying round he once again put up a speedy run but fell on the Swinging Spikes. He made it far enough fast enough to put him in 16th place to move on to the City Finals. There he became one of two finishers the night with the fastest time, moving on to Vegas for the second year in a row. On Stage 1 his run was digested but it was shown that he cleared. On Stage 2 his run was digested again but it was shown that he cleared. On Stage 3 his run was Mid-Cut showing him clearing the Floating Boards. He put on a strong performance on the Ultimate Cliff Hanger but couldn't complete the Crazy Cliff Hanger part.

He then competed two years later in Kansas City in ANW9. Both his qualifying and city finals run were cut from the broadcast, but it was shown that he failed the Bar Hop and Floating Monkey Bars, respectively, and he moved on to Vegas in 7th place. Unfortunately, he withdrew from competing.

He then competed again in American Ninja Warrior 10 in Dallas. His qualifying run was once again cut, but it was shown that he cleared the qualifying course for the first time in his career placing 6th.

ANW Result Note
ANW6 Failed on Spinning Bridge (First Stage) Slipped and fell.
ANW7 Failed on Ultimate Cliffhanger (Third Stage)