James "The Beast" McGrath (ジェームス・マクグラス) is an American, who has competed nine times in the American Ninja Warrior tournaments.


McGrath earned a spot in SASUKE 27 via American Ninja Warrior 3's try-outs. In the tournament, he was able to blaze through the first two stages with little trouble, completing the First Stage in with 22.24 seconds to spare and had SASUKE 27's fastest Second Stage time with 18.84 seconds left on the clock. However, he ultimately failed on the Third Stage's Ultimate Cliffhanger after failing the transition to the small fifth ledge.

American Ninja Warrior

McGrath made his debut in American Ninja Warrior 2, however, his run ended early, when he failed on the Quad Steps.

In American Ninja Warrior 3, McGrath was a walk on competitor from Seattle, WA who slept in a van. In that competition he placed 29th in the Qualifying Round and 13th in the Semis. He would also earn a spot in SASUKE 27 as he became one of the ten competitors to complete Boot Camp.

In American Ninja Warrior 4, McGrath was one of the favorites to earn total victory. He had the second fastest time in the Northwest Regional Qualifiers, and the fastest time in the Northwest Regional Finals, giving him a late run in the Las Vegas Finals. He easily beat Stage One with just under 19 seconds to spare, making him of the 24 finalists to advance to Stage Two. However, his downfall came at Stage Two, where he surprisingly failed on the Slider Drop by making the bad choice of jumping before the drop, shifting his weight to one side and not landing the left side.

In American Ninja Warrior 5, McGrath completed the Venice Beach qualifying course with the fifth fastest time and was one of only four competitors to finish the finals course with the fastest time. He then cleared Stage One in the Las Vegas finals with 38.47 seconds left. In Stage Two, he blazed through all the obstacles and finished with the second fastest time on the stage with 35.66 seconds left on the clock. In Stage Three, however, he wasn't able to hang on while transitioning to the second board on the Floating Boards and failed.

In American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. Japan, James was a part of team USA. In Stage One, he went up against Yamamoto Shingo, and he won the heat when Yamomoto couldn't make it up the Soritatsu Kabe. Then, in Stage Two, he went up against Asa Kazuma, he also won that heat, as Asa failed the Double Salmon Ladder and James did a victory lap on the stage. In Stage Three, James went up against Urushihara Yuuji, where he went out on the Floating Boards again, but Yuuji also went on the same obstacle and James won the heat barely by beating him to the second board by a few seconds. He was the only competitor to attempt all three stages in USA vs. Japan.

In American Ninja Warrior 6, McGrath completed the Venice Beach qualifying round in the second-fastest time. In the Venice Finals, he failed the Body Prop but still finished in the Top 15, qualifying him for the Las Vegas Finals. In Vegas, he fell victim to the Silk Slider in Stage One, an obstacle many failed that evening. This is his first time ever failing Stage One.

In American Ninja Warrior 7 McGrath competed in the Orlando Qualifiers and finished with the second fastest time. It was revealed later on that he now lives in Connecticut with Drew Drechsel, and is now aiming to be the "beast of the southeast". In the Orlando Finals course, He had no problem with Cannonball Alley, as he completed it in Venice last year and was one of only two finishers (the other being Adam Arnold) to complete the course finishing with the fastest time. In the Vegas finals, McGrath got his revenge on the Silk Slider but shockingly failed the Jumping Spider.

In American Ninja Warrior 8, McGrath was the last runner before Drew Drechsel, where he finished the Atlanta Qualifying Round Course in 4th place, moving on to the Atlanta City Finals. At the Atlanta City Finals, he finished the course in 5 minutes and 1 second. His roommate Drew Drechsel also finished the course, in 5 minutes and 5 seconds, 4 seconds behind McGrath. Overall, McGrath finished in 1st place, and moved on to Vegas once again. Unfortunately, history repeated itself as just like last season, he couldn't stick the Jumping Spider, making it his third consecutive season falling on Stage One.

In American Ninja Warrior 9, McGrath competed in the Cleveland Qualifiers. There, he had no difficulty on the newer obstacles and even completed the I-Beam Gap without having to jump across the gap and finished with the fifth fastest time. However, it was revealed during the Cleveland Finals that McGrath was recovering from shoulder surgery (after having injured it during Team Ninja Warrior Season 2) and struggled with the first half of the course due to pain. He made it to the new Nail Clipper obstacle and almost cleared it but his dismount to the platform, (as he made the jump similar to the jump used on the Crazy Cliffhanger) was too short and fell. Unfortunately, since he made it to the Nail Clipper in a slow time, he failed to earn a spot in Vegas for the first time since his debut, he placed 16th overall at the end of the night.

In American Ninja Warrior 10, McGrath competed in the Philadelphia Qualifiers. While his qualifying run was digested and despite failing to scaling up the Mega Wall, McGrath completed the course with the fifth fastest time.


SASUKE # Result Notes
27 57 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Transition to Fifth Ledge.
ANW # Result Notes
ANW 4 98 Failed Slider Drop (Second Stage) Jumped before Drop
ANW 5 31 Failed Floating Boards (Third Stage) Transition to second board
ANW 6 31 Failed Silk Slider (First Stage) Slid off Platform
ANW 7 13 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Right foot landed before left
ANW 8 16 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Digest.