Japan Entertainment Television, or JET TV, is a television station in Taiwan that broadcasts programs relating to aspects of Japanese culture. JET TV was founded in Singapore in 1996, and expanded to Taiwan in January 1997 under SEC TV.

For a short time, it aired subtitled or dubbed Japanese TV shows, especially Japanese Dramas, in the Philippines before it went off the air.

There has so far been only one Taiwanese trial, held before SASUKE 17. The course consisted of a rock wall and a version of the Tarzan Rope. Li En Zhi won the trials and was joined by Charles Chen. While Chen went out early, Zhi made it all the way to the Second Stage'Metal Spin. Zhi was often re-invited as a Taiwanese representative and wound up becoming one of SASUKE's elite competitors.

JET TV airs SASUKE tournaments unaltered, albeit with Chinese subtitles.

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