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Watanabe Mika (渡邉美香), known before by her maiden name Izumi Mika, is a jazz dance instructor and one-time KUNOICHI All-Star. She showed considerable potential in both SASUKE and KUNOICHI.
In her first SASUKE competition, SASUKE 12, she failed the Jump Hang. However, in the SASUKE 13 Trials, she cleared the Jump Hang and even made it to the top of the Soritatsu Kabe in one try. However, her time ran out as she was climbing over the top of the wall. At SASUKE 13, she was given #96 as she showed potential of becoming the second woman to clear the First Stage. However, she shocked everyone by failing the Prism See-Saw.

Watanabe (then Izumi) also competed in three KUNOICHI competitions. In her first tournament, KUNOICHI 3, she made it all the way to the Final Stage, but ultimately fell about one second short of kanzenseiha. She returned for KUNOICHI 4 but hurried through the Sarentobi in the Second Stage and lost her balance on the final beam. She also competed in KUNOICHI 9. She managed to perform well during the Red Stage but unfortunately timed out at the last obstacle, Cannonball.

She returned for the SASUKE Rising era. In SASUKE 28 she failed the Rolling Escargot, in SASUKE 29 she made it to the Jump Hang Kai where she managed to grab the net and temporarily hold on before dropping into the water. In SASUKE 30 she failed the Hedgehog in a digested performance. In SASUKE 31 she was once again digested and failed the Orugōru.

SASUKE Results

SASUKE # Result Notes
12 21 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
13 96 Failed Prism See-Saw (First Stage)
28 82 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage)
29 82 Failed Jump Hang Kai (First Stage) Shown in SASUKE 29 Navi.
30 2953 Failed Hedgehog (First Stage) Digest.
31 56 Failed Orugoru (First Stage) Digest.
32 56 Failed TIE Fighter (First Stage) All cut.


KUNOICHI # Result Notes
3 92 Failed Pole Climb (Final Stage) Digest.
4 99 Failed Sarentobi (Second Stage)
9 39 Failed Cannonball (First Stage) Time Out.

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