Izumi Hikari (泉 ひかり) is a parkour performer that competed in KUNOICHI 9 onwards.



Her first competition was in KUNOICHI 9, where she reached the Final Stage in that tournament. There, she timed up after climbing about 13 meters. A tournament later, in KUNOICHI 10, she was given the coveted number 50 (Equal to #100). She proved that her performance was no fluke, and breezed through all obstacles in the first three stages before missing the jump on the Pipe Slider, ending her run thus becoming the Last Women Standing second time in a row.



KUNOICHI # Result Notes
9 42 Failed Tsuna Nobori (Final Stage) About 13 meters up. Last Woman Standing.
10 50 Failed Pipe Slider (BLACK Stage) Failed Jump. Last Woman Standing.


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