Izuma Masakatsu (猪妻 正活) is a top handball player for the Osaki Osol in Japan and has competed in the last three tournaments alongside teammate Miyazaki Daisuke.

He made his debut in SASUKE 20 and competed alongside teammates, Miyazaki Daisuke, Toyoda Kenji, and Nakagawa Yoshio. He was able to clear the first three obstacles with no problem. He then attempted the Jumping Spider. While he was able to clear, he had difficulty sticking onto the walls. Still, he made it to the Half-Pipe Attack in good time. However, like many people that day, this is where his run ended. While he was able to grab the rope successfully, he needed to turns to land on the platform. When he landed on the platform, he lost his balance. Trying to make a leap to the far platform, he came up short and fell into the water.

In SASUKE 21 and SASUKE 22, he was digested, but performed well both times. In SASUKE 21, he made it past the Half-Pipe Attack and made it all the way to the Rope Ladder before running out of time. Then, in SASUKE 22, he failed the Slider Jump as the ten second warning buzzer can be heard.


SASUKE # Result Notes
20 1980 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage)
21 82 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Digest. Time Out
22 Failed Slider Jump (First Stage) Digest

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