The Indianapolis Qualifying Round episode of American Ninja Warrior aired on June 13, 2016. This is the first episode of the season to be aired on Monday nights. It was also the third episode of American Ninja Warrior 8 and took place at the Monument Circle in Indianapolis, Indiana. The episode was hosted by Matt Iseman (whose voice seemed different than usual in this episode) and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. Kristine Leahy co-hosted as the sideline reporter. This episode included competitors like Meagan Martin, Ian Dory, Jake Murray, Brian Arnold, Michael Stanger and Lorin Ball. IndyCar drivers Helio Castroneves, Tony Kanaan, Josef Newgarden, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and one-legged wrestler Zach Gowen.


1. Floating Steps

2. Rolling Log

3. Fly Wheels

4. Disk Runner

5. Swinging Spikes

6. Warped Wall


The Indianapolis Qualifying Round concluded with 25 finishers. Lorin Ball (who also had the fastest time in American Ninja Warrior 7's Kansas City Qualifiers) also had the fastest time with 01:36.44. Meagan Martin set a new record and made American Ninja Warrior history by completing a qualifying course three seasons in a row and earned the "POM Wonderful Run of the Night", finishing in 25th place with 06:30.08. Other finishers include Ian Dory, Jake Murray (who had the second fastest time), Brian Arnold, Brandon Mears, Dan Polizzi, Dan Yager, Adam Arnold, Dan Banura and PJ Granger.

Shocking falls include Michael Stanger and Zach Gowen.

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