Inada Ayako (稲田 亜矢子) is a rhythmic gymnast who competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where she placed fifth. She has also competed twice on SASUKE and KUNOICHI. Her first attempt was in KUNOICHI 5,where she failed in perhaps the most strange way in KUNOICHI History. She made it to the samenso, but when jumping to the second angle, she got stuck, and eventually timed out. In KUNOICHI 6, where she failed the Shoushi. Then, she competed in SASUKE 22. She failed at the Log Grip. She then competed in KUNOICHI 8. She was able to complete the First Stage with the third fastest time, but in Stage Two, she failed the Torentta. Her final appearance so far was in SASUKE 24, but her results are unknown.


SASUKE # Result Notes
22 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
24 Unknown All Cut


Inada has competed thrice in KUNOICHI, In Kunoichi 5, she timed out on the Samenso . KUNOICHI 6 she started strong and reached the Flying Pillar, but she failed to land on the mat and slid into the water. In KUNOICHI 8 she made it to the Second Stage, becoming one of 35 women to do so. In the stage she fell on torentta after splitting 8 seconds on 2 boards.

KUNOICHI # Result Notes
5 Failed Samenso (First Stage) Time Out.
6 Failed Flying Pillar (First Stage) Failed landing.
8 Failed Torentta (Second Stage) Splits in between two boards and could not recover.