Nami Ichinohe first competed on KUNOICHI 3. She took 13 seconds on the Dancing Stones due to her hesitating on the first stone. Next she passed she Windmill Cross, but lost her balance at the end, causing her to fall onto safety. On the Double Hurdle, she had minimal problems. On the Barrel Roll she was going a bit too fast and fell about a 1/2 meter away from the other side. On KUNOICHI 4 she took about 14 seconds on the Dancing Stones but went smoothly through. On the Windmill Cross, she quickly passed but ran into the wall to the Balance Bridge. On the Balance Bridge, she lost her footing halfway and couldn't recover. On KUNOICHI 7, she passed the Stepping Stones easy, but on the Log Jam she cautiously passed causing her to race after the Flying Pillar and couldn't catch up.

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