ANW7 I-Beam Cross

American Ninja Warrior 7's I-Beam Cross in San Pedro (Military)

The I-Beam Cross is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fifth on American Ninja Warrior 7 in San Pedro (Military).

It consisted of a customized beam in which competitors must cross it with their arms and legs from underneath (similar to the Spider Flip). The ledges of the beam varied in width from one inch to three inches. Many competitors had trouble with the middle part of the beam, where it turned from horizontal to vertical, raised a couple feet, and turned back horizontally. Only 10 competitors could complete this obstacle during San Pedro (Military) qualifiers.

ANW8 I-Beam Cross

American Ninja Warrior 8's I-Beam Cross in Los Angeles

The I-Beam Cross returned as the fifth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 8 in Los Angeles. However, there was a minor modification on the first horizontal part of the beam (with a gap in which competitors had to cross over). Despite that, the number of completion during Los Angeles qualifiers almost doubled from San Pedro (Military) qualifiers, with 19 competitors could complete the obstacle (including Natalie Duran and Jessie Graff).

I-Beam Gap

ANW9 I-Beam Gap

American Ninja Warrior 9's I-Beam Gap in Cleveland

NR I-Beam Gap

Najee Richardson attempted the Spider Flip portion of the I-Beam Gap during American Ninja Warrior 9's Cleveland qualifiers

An upgraded version of the I-Beam Cross (called the I-Beam Gap), appeared as the fifth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 9 in Cleveland. However, this obstacle is a fusion between the I-Beam Cross and Spider Flip.

Competitors will start the obstacle horizontally, and must cross the ledges with their arms and legs from underneath. Then, they must go vertical and must do a 180 degrees jump onto another setup, 6 feet away and placed higher than the first setup (similar to the Spider Flip). Then, competitors must climb back down and must dismount on the platform to advance. Some parts of the beam have no ledges, which make it harder for competitors to traverse. 15 competitors completed this obstacle during Cleveland qualifiers (including Allysa Beird and Jesse Labreck).

Although the 6 feet gap between the obstacle could be completed by making a 180 degrees jump, some competitors (e.g. James McGrath and Jon Alexis Jr.) could use their long legs to prop one of their foot onto the second setup, which made it easier to complete the obstacle.

Other Appearances

NWUK3 Beam Cross

Ninja Warrior UK 3's Beam Cross

The I-Beam Cross appeared as the fifth obstacle in Heat 5 on Ninja Warrior UK 3 (simply called as the Beam Cross), and then in Heat 4 on Ninja Warrior UK 4, which was very similar to the I-Beam Cross from American Ninja Warrior 8.

However, just like during San Pedro (Military) qualifiers, several competitors got struggle at the middle part of the obstacle. On Ninja Warrior UK 3, 9 competitors could complete the obstacle (with 3 of them were female competitors), while on Ninja Warrior UK 4, only 4 competitors could complete the obstacle.