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The Hang Move (ハングムーブ) was a Third Stage obstacle, first appearing in SASUKE 2 and being retired after the next competition. The obstacle consisted of six chains hanging down from the scaffolding above with a wooden foot rest at the bottom. The competitor must grab onto the first chain and swing to the next and so on.

There were two different versions of the obstacle. The first time it was used, all the chains were the same length. The following tournament, the first, third, and fifth chains were shortened. Neither version retired a competitor and was replaced with the Arm Bike and Cliffhanger the next tournament.

The Hang Move was also used in American Ninja Warrior 3 Boot Camp as a Pressure Challenge with just four chains. Each competitor wore a heavy backpack to add to the difficulty. There, Alan Connealy became the first and only competitor to ever fail that obstacle. It returned as the fourth obstacle in the American Ninja Warrior 5 Venice Beach qualifiers and semifinals. It's mostly commonly named the Chain Swing.


There are similer obstacles in Shinobi Training Courses throughout Iga, Japan.

Competitors' Success RateEdit

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
2 9 9 100%
3 6 6 100%
Total 15 15 100%

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