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The Gyakusō Conveyor (逆走コンベア), called the Reverse Conveyor Belt in English broadcasts, is a Second Stage obstacle from the first thirteen SASUKE tournaments. It is exactly what its name implies: a conveyor belt that a competitor must crawl across running in the opposite direction of the competitor. Used exclusively as a time waster, it only retired two contestants (Atarashii Ichirō & Ueki Shigenori) and was replaced with the Metal Spin in SASUKE 14, which acquired a reputation as a feared obstacle. It eventually revived in SASUKE 32, from a very long hiatus since SASUKE 13, after the Backstream and between the Wall Lifting. The name in SASUKE 32 is now changes to Reverse Conveyor (リバースコンベア) from the English broadcast. There was also a padding right beside the Reverse Conveyor so competitors will fell at the end thus becoming a brand new way to fail this obstacle. However, the speed of the conveyor belt is decelerated. Variants of this obstacle were also used in several Kinniku Banzuke events.

SASUKE 8 Version

In SASUKE 8 the whole course was showered with a typhoon that unleashed a heavy rain. This caused several obstacles to have trouble functioning. The Gyakuso Conveyor was among them. To prevent the dangers of getting electrocuted, the belt was turned off, so it didn't move at all, however the rain that had fallen on the belt while it was not moving had left the belt slippery. This caused some competitors to slip and struggle before finally making it to the Wall Lifting.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
1 8 8 100%
2 14 14 100%
3 8 8 100%
4 11 12 91.67%
5 1 1 100%
6 5 5 100%
7 5 5 100%
8 5 5 100%
9 6 6 100%
10 4 4 100%
11 9 9 100%
12 10 10 100%
13 7 8 87.5%
32 8 8 100%
total 101 103 98.05%

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