The Giant Swing (ジャイアントスイング) is the seventh obstacle of the First Stage, introduced in SASUKE 26. Competitors must jump from a springboard to grab a giant bar, then swing that bar to reach the cargo net. After that, similar to the Jump Hang, competitors must reach the landing platform by climbing up or down the cargo net.

The obstacle was provem to be much easier than its notable counterpart, the Slider Jump, as only one competitor (Adam Truesdell) failed on this obstacle. However, just like the Slider Jump in SASUKE 23, the obstacle served as the time waster. As the result, several competitors who completed the obstacle, would later time out at the final obstacle, the Rope Ladder (e.g. Kawahara Takuya, Morikami Daisuke, and Shane Daniels).

SASUKE 27 Version


Kanno Hitoshi was about to attempt the Giant Swing, SASUKE 27

The Giant Swing returned in SASUKE 27, as the third obstacle of the First Stage, but has a minor modification.

Competitors must jump from a springboard to grab a giant bar, then swing that bar to reach an angled platform (much like the one from the Rokudantobi).

The obstacle took out some of the top competitors and rookies like Hioki Masashi and Enokido Hayato.

Other Appearances

ANW4 Giant Swing

American Ninja Warrior 4's Giant Swing in Stage One

SASUKE 27 version of the Giant Swing appeared as the third obstacle in Stage One on American Ninja Warrior 4, with only 8 out of 93 competitors who attempted thie obstacle, failed to complete it (including Kelvin Antoine, Tom Hutchman, and Adam Grossman). On American Ninja Warrior 5, the obstacle was replaced by the Rope Glider.

Tải xuống

SASUKE Vietnam's Giant Swing

Cú Nhảy Phi Thường (SASUKE Vietnam's official name for the Giant Swing) appeared as the fourth obstacle in Stage 1B from Sasuke Vietnam to SASUKE Vietnam 3, which was similar to SASUKE 27/American Ninja Warrior 4's version of the Giant Swing.

It was replaced by the Jump Hang Kai on SASUKE Vietnam 4, but the bar on Giant Swing was not replaced, used for the Tick Tock on SASUKE Vietnam 4.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS/NBC broadcast and external information found
SASUKE/ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
26 13 14 92.86%
27 48 60 80.00%
ANW4 85 93 91.4%
Total 146 167 87.43%