ANW9 Giant Cubes

American Ninja Warrior 9's Giant Cubes in Daytona Beach

The Giant Cubes is an obstacle, firstly introduced on American Ninja Warrior 9 as the eighth obstacle during Daytona Beach finals.

Competitors have to go down a slanted pole and must hold on. After that, thet must traverse to the first cube with ledges around it, which competitors must make a long reach to grasp onto the ledge on the top of the first cube. Then, competitors must make a 6 feet transition from one cube to the second cube, which is smaller and trapezoidal in shape. After that, they must traverse around the second cube, utilizing its ledges, and make a jump to the landing platform. It appears to be based from the Ledge Jump.

This obstacle was proven to be immensely difficult, as it took out several competitors like Ryan Stratis, the "Brazi Bros" (Alexio Gomes and Lucas Gomes), and Reko Rivera. A total of ten competitors failed on the obstacle, typically due to struggling on the reach on the first cube or making the leap transition to the second cube.

Jessie Graff - Giant Cubes

Jessie Graff attempted the transition of the Giant Cubes by doing the split during American Ninja Warrior 9's Daytona Beach finals

A unique and interesting completion of this obstacle occurred during Daytona Beach finals, when Jessie Graff used an unorthodox way of making the transition to the second cube. Instead of making the leap transition to the second cube, she was doing the split, by putting her left foot on the second cube, while her right foot was propped to the first cube, in order to make an easier transition, and making her completed the obstacle and going all the way to the Elevator Climb. Later that night, Travis Rosen also tried her method on the transition and successfully completed this obstacle and going all the way to the Circuit Board. While on the other hand, Drew Drechsel tried her method on the transition, but failed to make it, despite being nearly the same height. Fortunately, he instead used the traditional method of transition from one cube to another, and cleared the obstacle, along with the course altogether.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW9 8 18 44.44%