The Floating Stairs first appeared in the Denver Finals of American Ninja Warrior 5 as the eighth obstacle, meaning it directly followed the Salmon Ladder with no rest.

The competitors must cross planks jutting out from beams. The obstacle is somewhat similar to the Devil Steps, but the competitors don't hang on one side, but both sides and the planks are closer to square prisms than the ones from the Devil Steps are. There are three beams. The first beam is angled upward with four steps, the second downward with six and the third upward, again, with four. They must hang from these fourteen steps to reach the platform. It was the cut off point during the Denver Finals and 28 of the 48 Athletes made it here.

It returned in the Miami Finals of American Ninja Warrior 6 , but as the ninth obstacle, meaning there is a resting platform leading to it, and with a different number of steps on each beam. The beams are still angled the same. The first had six and both the second and third had four. Contestants still had to cross all fourteen to clear the obstacle.

This obstacle took out a lot of competitors on its first appearance including Jake Smith and Lorin Ball. It only took out one competitor after it was brought back.

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