Fish Bone (フィッシュボーン) is a new obstacle introduced in KUNOICHI 9 first, then in SASUKE 33.

The obstacle consists of several spinning crosses (eighteen bars) and four pedestals.

Competitors have to maneuver from pedestal to pedestal while dodging the spinning crosses in clockwise direction that are above the pedestals.

This obstacle have caused chaos in KUNOICHI 9, eliminating over half of the competitors who attempted it, including Mizuno Yuko, a KUNOICHI 2 and 3 finalist. It again eliminated a lot of competitors who attempted it in KUNOICHI 10.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
KUNOICHI Clears Attempts Percentage
9 14 35 40%
10 20 32 62.5%
Total 34 67 50.7%

SASUKE Version

It was revealed through images of the First Stage posted online that the Fish Bone was the fourth obstacle of SASUKE 33 's First Stage replacing the Orugōru.

In this version of the obstacle, the pedestals differentiate in height, whereas the KUNOICHI 9 version which were all at the same height.

It was revealed via a trailer that the width of the surface is 30cm for each pedestal.

The obstacle was proven to be relatively difficult, much like its KUNOICHI counterpart, managing to take out a Shin Sedai, Matachi Ryo, and nearly eliminated SASUKE champion Morimoto Yūsuke, with his foot just inches from touching the water.

Due to safety reason, competitors can be disqualified if they grabbed one of the bars, intentionally or not. Liao Long Zhun grabbed the bar while trying to maintain balance, got disqualified and lost his balance and fell in the water in that tournament.

In SASUKE 34, it was known that two additional bars was added to make the obstacle tougher, making it a total of twenty bars. It was proven to be as difficult as the previous tournament, as Matsuda Daisuke failed for the second consecutive time, albeit he built the obstacle and trained on it. Dion Trigg also failed this obstacle. 

Despite that, the obstacle had a higher success rate than in KUNOICHI due to the fact only 50 competitors compete in KUNOICHI from KUNOICHI 9 onwards.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
33 31 42 73.80%
34 30 42 71.42%
Total 61 84 72.61%

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