ANW9 Elevator Climb

American Ninja Warrior 9's Elevator Climb

The Elevator Climb is a new obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 9, which debuts as the final obstacle of every city finals course, replacing the Invisible Ladder from last season. Competitors must use two levers that only move upward, and pump their arms up 35 feet, similar to the Invisible Ladder. This obstacle has been so hard, only 9 competitors made it up all season.

Because of the immense amount of upper body usage, in its first season, this obstacle proved to be much similar to the Invisible Ladder, as this obstacle ended many veterans' run, once they got to this obstacle, mainly due to them being spent much time and energy after the previous nine obstacles. It took out competitors like Brent Steffensen, Flip Rodriguez, Nicholas Coolridge, Thomas Stillings, and Jessie Graff. However, four competitors could complete this obstacle in its first city finals course (in Los Angeles), compared to just one competitor completed the Invisible Ladder in its first city finals course (in Venice Beach).


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