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"Dustin Rocho" is a CPR instructor from Las Vegas, NV who competed in American Ninja Warrior 2 and 3. In American Ninja Warrior 2, he failed the Soritatsu Kabe in the Qualifying Round.

Dustin Rocho came back for American Ninja Warrior 3 with his wife Hope who failed the Log Grip. Dustin finished 23rd in the Qualifying Round, and was one of many to fail the Unstable Bridge in the Semifinals. Like the others who failed the Unstable Bridge that day, Rocho advanced to Boot Camp, where he was defeated by Brandon Douglass on the Heavenly Ropes.

Not deterred by his defeat, Rocho returned for American Ninja Warrior 4 to compete in the Southwest region. Rocho secured a Top 30 finish in the qualifier, but in the semifinals, he lost his grip on the Jump Hang and ruptured his eardrum in the resulting fall. He did not advance to the Vegas course, but was a tester along with Ryan Stratis, Mike Bernardo, and Ryan Cousins.

He then competed in American Ninja Warrior 5, and even though he was exhausted after the Floating Chains, he completed the qualifier. In the Venice Beach Finals, he completed the course as well. In Las Vegas, he made it through the first 3 obstacles, but failed at the Jumping Spider.

He came back for another shot at the course in American Ninja Warrior 6, and finished Venice Qualifying with the fifth-fastest time. In the Venice Finals, he failed the Body Prop, but that was far enough to qualify him for the Las Vegas Finals. He failed the Silk Slider in Stage 1 in Las Vegas.

He compete in the Upcoming American Ninja Warrior 7. In Venice Qualifying, he had a small scare on the Quintuple Steps when he almost slipped, but recovered. He was able to make all the way to the Unstable Bridge and grab onto the second board, but couldn't hold on. But that was enough to make it the City Finals again.

ANW # Result Notes
ANW 5 26 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
ANW 6 Failed Silk Slider (First Stage)

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