The Downhill Jump (ダウンヒルジャンプ) was a Second Stage obstacle that was introduced with the course redesign in SASUKE 18 following Nagano Makoto's kanzenseiha. Similar to the Daichoyaku in KUNOICHI, the competitor must slide down a track standing on an snowboard-like object, and then jump to a rope on a track, which then swings towards a mat which the competitor must jump onto. It eliminated two people, both SASUKE All-Stars: Nagano Makoto in SASUKE 20 and Shiratori Bunpei in SASUKE 21.

It underwent a series of minor changes in its lifespan. In the original version, the rope stopped much shorter than the rest of the tournaments, requiring competitors to use their momentum to reach the landing pad. In SASUKE 19 and every tournament afterwards, the rope stopped much closer to the mat, even allowing competitors to hold onto the rope, swing back, and land. For that tournament only, the rope moved at a much lower velocity than in all other versions. In SASUKE 20, the ramp was positioned at a greater angle and thus the board moved much faster than in other versions. It was retired following SASUKE 24 and replaced with the Slider Drop.

Daytime shot of the Downhill Jump compared to Aoki Yasuo's model.

G4 mistakenly listed this in SASUKE 19 as the Super Jump (which was English name for KUNOICHI's Daichoyaku).

It was also used as the second obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 5 in Baltimore, with shorter track and gap between the track and the landing platform.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
18 6 6 100%
19 2 2 100%
20 2 3 66.67%
21 8 9 88.89%
22 5 5 100%
23 16 16 100%
24 12 12 100%
Total 51 53 96.23%

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