Dillon Gates is a parkour athlete and kinesiology student who competed on American Ninja Warrior 6. He's known as the Giant Slayer because he infamously eliminated Brent Steffensen, who was once his mentor, in the Dallas qualifying round, as well getting the fastest time.

In the Dallas Finals, he almost eliminated Sam Sann in the Finals, but surprisingly failed the Salmon Ladder, just missing the cut and placing 18th overall.

Gates came back in American Ninja Warrior 7, and finished 4th this time in qualifying. In the finals, he got redemption on the Salmon Ladder, but was one of the 13 people to fall victim to the Walking Bar. However, he ended up placing 10th, and ended up going to the Vegas finals for the first time. In Vegas, he ended going all the way to the notorious Silk Slider, and ended up going out there.


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