The Devil Balanço (デビルブランコ), called the Devil's Swing on English broadcasts, was an obstacle introduced during the Third Stage redesign in SASUKE 14.

Competitors had to swing from a trapeze bar, which was suspended 45cm lower than the Pipe Slider and the green resting bar, to the Pipe Slider.


There was a risk of getting the suspension chains stuck on the rest bar behind the obstacle (such as what happened to Nagano Makoto in SASUKE 16) There is also a risk of grabbing the Pipe Slider, only to release it and have the pipe roll away on the track (as what happened to Kobayashi Shinji in SASUKE 14 and Nagano in SASUKE 16).

The last man standing made it to the Devil Balanço in both SASUKE 14 (Kobayashi Shinji) and SASUKE 15 (Takeda Toshihiro), only to fail there.

Success in the Obstacle

It wasn't until SASUKE 16 that Yamada Kōji defeated it. An easier trick to the obstacle was also discovered in SASUKE 16. Competitors would gain momentum by swinging from the green bar and then grabbing onto the Devil Balanço to make it to the Pipe Slider. This made the obstacle much quicker, and thus was much less difficult for competitors to clear. It did good damage in its first two tournaments (eliminating competitors such as Takeda Toshihiro and Kobayashi Shinji) although people started to understand it better. It was removed after SASUKE 17 and was replaced in favor of the Spider Flip.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
14 0 1 0%
15 0 1 0%
16 2 3 66.67%
17 3 3 100%
Total 5 8 62.50%

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