David Campbell (デイヴィッド・キャンベル) is a musician who competes in both SASUKE and American Ninja Warrior. He is notable for being the first ever American Ninja Warrior competitor to build an obstacle course in his backyard and currently holds the fastest Stage One clear time in SASUKE.

He also became the first person to achieve kanzenseiha in Sasuke Vietnam and the third American to achieve kanzenseiha, as he completed all of the stages in Sasuke Vietnam 2.


Campbell made his debut in SASUKE 22, via winnning the fourth and final American preliminary competition, the American Ninja Challenge. During his run, he showed good speed. However, he lost time on the Jumping Spider mentally preparing for and testing the trampoline. He was able to battle through most of the First Stage. When he got to the new Slider Jump, he initially missed the net but was able to hold on by only a foot and two fingers after he fell. While he did not touch water, his foot got caught in the net and he lost valuable time. Ultimately, he made it to the Rope Ladder before timing out. In the tournament, he went farther than all other Americans and all of the All-Stars that competed.

Campbell tried out in the first American Ninja Warrior for a spot in SASUKE 24, clearing the first two stages with one of the top times. However, he committed a rules infraction on one of the beach obstacles by touching the sand on the ground, and while he later noted several other competitors got away with the same rule, he nevertheless had to redo the obstacle and lost a qualifying spot as a result. His nephew, Travis Furlanic, did qualify and failed the Jumping Spider.

Fueled by his failures both in Japan and America, Campbell built a replica of the entire First Stage as well as several Second and Third Stage obstacles such as the Salmon Ladder, Shin-Cliffhanger, and Ultimate Cliffhanger. Campbell's course was featured on G4's Attack of the Show and on TruTV's World's Dumbest Thrillseekers (despite being vague about the course due to copyright purposes).

Campbell's practice paid off, and in American Ninja Warrior 2, Campbell once again blazed through the first two stages and made it out of Boot Camp with a qualifying spot. In SASUKE 26, he slipped on the Giant Swing but cleared the First Stage with the fastest time of 21.51 seconds. He then he went on to clear the Second Stage with 23.4 seconds. In the Third Stage he made an impressive attempt, and though he managed to clear the first three obstacles, he slipped while transferring to the fourth ledge of the Ultimate Cliffhanger and failed. Once again of the Americans in that tournament, he performed the best.

Campbell then competed in American Ninja Warrior 3 and he made into SASUKE 27, in which he was granted number 98. He performed strong yet again. In the First Stage, he had the fastest time of all the Americans, finishing with 44.32 seconds left on the clock, a new SASUKE speed record. In the Second Stage, he was a little more hesitant than in SASUKE 26 but still cleared the stage. In the Third Stage, he fought to the Ultimate Cliffhanger again and made it to the sixth ledge, being the first American to do so. However, his strength gave way as he was inches from clearing the obstacle and he fell there. Of the Americans in that tournament, he again performed the best.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 4

In American Ninja Warrior 4, David blazed through the Northwest Qualifying round with the fastest time under a minute long. His run was a little more sloppy in the Regional Finals, but he still managed to grab the 3rd place spot, and eventually the 2nd when Travis Furlanic, (who originally held the 2nd place spot) withdrew from the competition. After the finals, David mentioned that he was fed up with the number of problems with the Las Vegas course. This mixed with his fierce determination to dominate, is what led to his early downfall at Las Vegas. Forgetting about the true reason he started competing in this sport, and without the right mindset, he made a mental error and failed on the Spinning Bridge in Stage One. He says that in the next competition, he will remember the true reason he competes on Ninja Warrior, and will finally conquer the course.

American Ninja Warrior 5

Campbell returned for American Ninja Warrior 5 on the Venice course, clearing the Venice qualifier with the 3rd fastest time. He was one of only 4 people to clear the Venice Finals course, guaranteeing him a spot in Las Vegas. During Stage One, (despite slipping while grabbing the new Giant Cycle) Campbell had a good run up until the Soritatsu Kabe. He took five tries to complete the obstacle. He got revenge on the Spin Bridge, but still didn't have enough time to complete the course, and timed out on the Rope Ladder. He stated in the post-run interview that his shoes didn't have any traction in them, making it much harder to scale the Soritatsu Kabe.

American Ninja Warrior 6

In American Ninja Warrior 6, Campbell was the most dominant competitor in Venice Beach, clearing both the qualifying course and the finals course with the fastest time, qualifying himself for another shot at Las Vegas. In Vegas, David was able to clear the first two obstacles easily. But, on the Silk Slider he shockingly slipped off the landing platform into the water making it the third consecutive year for him to fail Stage One.

American Ninja Warrior 7

In American Ninja Warrior 7, Campbell ran the qualifying course in Venice once again having zoomed past the first 4 obstacles in 25 seconds but fell victim to the Hourglass Drop. It was his first time failing on a qualifying course. Despite this, he finished in 9th place and qualified for the city finals. In the Finals, he cleared the Hourglass Drop that eliminated him earlier and made it all the way to the Invisible Ladder where he struggled on the obstacle and fell. He finished in 3rd place once again earning him a spot in Vegas. It was the second time he failed a City Finals Course since Season 3. In the National Finals in Vegas, David put on a flawless run through the first six obstacles. He got revenge on the Silk Slider. On the brand new obstacle, the Coin Flip, David slipped on the second coin and face planted onto the third coin causing him to plummet in the water. That fall made it David's fourth consecutive year failing Stage One despite training specifically for the stage after his previous fall and he was so close to finishing yet again.

American Ninja Warrior 8

In American Ninja Warrior 8, David shockingly did not get the call to compete. However, he was determined to still get on the show. He went to the walk-on line for 3 cities, until finally being accepted at the Oklahoma City Qualifiers. While his run was digested, it was shown that he breezed through all six obstacles and completed the course with the third fastest time. In the city finals, David struggled with the second obstacle, the Ring Swing but ultimately managed to complete it. It seemed that David was going to breeze through this finals course but shocked everybody when he misjudged his jump onto the landing platform on the Bar Hop and failed. This was the very first time that David failed to qualify to the national finals in Vegas and placed 17th place. Despite this, he still appeared in Vegas to cheer for the other competitors.

American Ninja Warrior 9

In American Ninja Warrior 9, Campbell got the call this time to compete and went to compete in Los Angeles. In the Qualifiers he quickly got past the first four obstacles in 51 seconds but was one of many competitors who failed the Battering Ram making it the second time he failed on a qualifying course. However, since he made it to the Battering Ram in a fast time, he was still able to make it to the top 30, placing 27th place. In the city finals, Campbell was able to clear the Battering Ram, but failed on the Swinging Peg Board landing him in 15th place and was on the verge of being eliminated until Grant McCartney shockingly failed on the Salmon Ladder thus securing a spot in the Vegas Finals. In Vegas, Campbell had a close called on the Double Dipper but cleared it and, for the first time in five years, completed the course with 20 seconds left, thus advancing to Stage Two. On Stage Two he cleared the first four obstacles with ease and made it all the way to Wingnut Alley where he fell on the transition to the third wingnut. This is also the first time that Campbell failed on Stage Two.

-1 The NorCal Ninjas- David Campbell (Captain). Brian Kretsch and Anna Shumaker

SASUKE Vietnam

In SASUKE Vietnam 2, he became the third ever American to achieve kanzenseiha and the first competitor to complete Sasuke Vietnam's Final Stage as he completed the Final Stage with 0.73 seconds remaining. But with Lê Văn Thực being faster than him, he was declared the winner of the show rather than Campbell.

Tải xuống (12)

David Campbell in SASUKE Vietnam 2.

Obstacles He Built


SASUKE # Result Notes
22 50 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Time Out.
26 84 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Transition from the 3rd to the 4th ledge.
27 98 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Made it to the final ledge, but failed to reach the end.
ANW4 94 Failed Spin Bridge (First Stage) Fell between 3rd and 4th balls.
ANW5 30 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Time Out.
ANW6 32 Failed Silk Slider (First Stage) Slid Off Platform.
ANW7 8 Failed Coin Flip (First Stage) Failed on third coin.
ANW9 Failed Wingnut Alley (Second Stage) Transition to third wingnut