Darvish Kenji (樽美酒 研二), is the drummer for the Japanese rock band, Golden Bomber.

In SASUKE 28, he failed the Rolling Escargot.

In SASUKE 30, he made it through a majority of the course easily, however he took two tries to scale the Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe. He was low on time and energy, as he had trouble climbing the Lumberjack Climb. Eventually, he fell in the water.

In SASUKE 31, he finally beat the First Stage with a few seconds left on the clock. However in the Second Stage, he went out on the Cross Slider, despite receiving advice from other competitors.

In SASUKE 32 he was hoping to make to the Third Stage, however he shocked everyone when he failed at the beginning of the TIE Fighter. This was due to the obstacle being wet from the rain.

In SASUKE 33, he got revenge on the TIE Fighter and breezed through most of the course with ease. However, he once again failed the Lumberjack Climb. He was rushing the obstacle and he didn't get a proper grip on the railing to pull himself up, which led him to fall on the side of the obstacle and into the water below.

In SASUKE 34, he cleared the First Stage avenging his fall on the Lumberjack Climb last tournament. His Second Stage run was short-lived, almost falling when landed on the sloped platform, he timed out on the Reverse Conveyor, making this so far being his best results.


SASUKE # Result Notes
28 31 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage)
30 2979 Failed Lumberjack Climb (First Stage)
31 82 Failed Cross Slider (Second Stage)
32 91 Failed TIE Fighter (First Stage)
33 82 Failed Lumberjack Climb (First Stage) Lost his grip on the railings.
34 89 Failed Reverse Conveyor (Second Stage) Time Out.

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