Danchigaibou (段違棒) was a First Stage (KUNOICHI) obstacle in KUNOICHI 7. The objective for this obstacle was to walk across a thick log about two meters long, and then jump down to a much thinner log of the same distance. Once a competitor landed on the second log, they had to walk across it and continue to the landing mats in order to clear it.

To make the obstacle more difficult, a button was placed before the obstacle that made a loud sound. This signalled the producers to start the Shouchu, the obstacle after Danchigaibou. Due to this catch in the obstacle, competitors had to complete the obstacle quickly to prevent the Shouchu from getting out of reach. This small addition to the obstacle proved to be lethal. The obstacle alone took out Mori Yoko, Haga Kayo, and Diana Pickler in addition to countless others. It is estimated that upwards of fifty people either failed the obstacle, some of them went out of the course, or did not clear it fast enough to reach the Shouchui in time. Despite it's difficulty, it was removed for KUNOICHI 8 due to the show's new format.

This obstacle is also used in the SASUKE 21 Trials without the Shoushi.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
7 36 58

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