Dakota Elder(ダコタエルダー) was born November 12, 1993 in Washington, Utah. He is considered to be one of the most athletic competitors in the ninja community[1], with a vertical leap of 45 inches which is in the 99 percentile in the world. He first competed in American Ninja Warrior 7 at the age of 21, where he competed in the Kansas City qualifiers, but failed to complete the transition from Bungee Road to the log.

Dakota is also one of the taller competitors standing at a lucrative 6'2" and he has an outstanding wingspan of 6'9". He is one of the top basketball slam dunkers in the world, he was set to compete on the Reality Television show 'The Dunk King' but he broke his ankle practicing days before filming the show.

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  • Dakota was also the first alternate on the Reality Television show 'The Dunk King' which aired on TNT.
  • Dakota was a celebrity judge for Miss Utah Teen International in 2016.

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