The Daichoyaku (大跳躍) has been the first obstacle in KUNOICHI's second stage for the first eight tournaments. Along with the Enchū Nori, it is the only obstacle to appear in the first eight tournaments. The obstacle consisted of a board stationed on a slope that ends with a ramp that competitors must slide on. Before the board hits the end of the ramp, competitors must jump from the board across a gap and reach a circular island cushion situated in the water. This obstacle was similar to SASUKE's Downhill Jump.

Version 1 (KUNOICHI 1)

The first version of the Daichoyaku was the most difficult. The lead-up to the upper part of the ramp was extremely short, making it nearly impossible for competitors to time their jump and gather the momentum needed to reach the other side. Both competitors who attempted this version, Yamada Miho and Yusa Masami, failed, making this iteration the only version of the Daichoyaku to never be cleared.

Version 2 (KUNOICHI 2-7)

After the results of the first tournament, the Daichoyaku was toned down. The lead-up to the upper part of the ramp was lengthened so that competitors could actually build the momentum they would need to clear the obstacle. This version was the exact opposite of the first, only eliminating two competitors during its time on the course. The size of the landing cushion varied slightly, being larger in some tournaments, and slightly smaller in others.

Version 3 (KUNOICHI 8)

The final version of the Daichoyaku was introduced in KUNOICHI 8. The board was made slightly smaller, and the wheels underneath the obstacle were made slightly larger. This made the board more unstable and resulted in several failures. For the course reboot in KUNOICHI 9, the Daichoyaku was removed in favor of the Slide Walk.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
1 0 2 0%
2 2 3 66.66%
3 14 14 100%
4 8 8 100%
5 6 6 100%
6 10 11 90.9%
7 4 4 100%
8 27 35 77.14%
Total 71 83 85.54%


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