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Curtain Slider (カーテンスライダー) is a First Stage obstacle that premiered in SASUKE 23 as the second obstacle, replacing the Circle Hammer. Its function is simple: the competitor must grab onto a curtain and use momentum to carry the curtain to the landing platform. Competitors that did not run fast enough into the obstacle failed it as the obstacle would stall midway through the track or it could move freely causing competitors to get caught off guard. While simple in design and function, the obstacle did good damage for the second obstacle. However, the obstacle did prove very tricky when it was windy on the course, as evidenced by Li En Zhi's run where he had to push the obstacle like the Circle Hammer. Despite its difficulty it lasted only one tournament and was replaced by the much easier X-Bridge.

It was also used as the fifth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 4 (Midwest region) and American Ninja Warrior 6 in Miami.

Competitors' Success Rates

SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
23 74 84 88.96%
Total 74 84 88.96%

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