The Curtain Cling was a Third Stage obstacle introduced in SASUKE 13. It was a large piece of fabric with several handholds that the competitor needed to cross using their arms, though some competitors used their legs. The fabric is presumed to have been made up of several pieces in order to support the competitor. While it had a much higher success rate than many other Third Stage obstacles, it was instrumental in draining the finger and arm strength of competitors before they moved on to the Cliffhanger. The fabric was 5.4 meters (about 17.7 ft) wide and close to 3 meters (about 9.8 ft) in height. During the first three tournaments, it eliminated Kobayashi Masaaki, Yamamoto Shingo and Morgan Hamm. In SASUKE 18 it was replaced with the Curtain Swing, a modification of this obstacle. It returned in SASUKE 28 along with the Rumbling Dice and was removed after SASUKE 29 in order to introduce the Drum Hopper in SASUKE 30.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
13 3 4 75%
14 5 6 83.3%
15 4 5 80%
16 7 7 100%
17 4 4 100%
28 0 0 N/A
29 1 1 100%
Total 24 27 88.89%

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