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The Cross Bridge (クロスブリッジ), known on English broadcasts as the Bridge of Blades, was a first stage obstacle introduced in SASUKE 13. It was placed immediately after the Sandan Rolling Maruta. Its function was similar to that of the Godantobi, but rotated around a center axis. Although few failed the obstacle, it eliminated some strong competitors, such as Nakayama Kinnikun in SASUKE 13 and Yamada Katsumi in SASUKE 15. In Yamada's case, he lost his balance after he completed the obstacle and subsequently fell off the side, resulting in a course out. It was taken out after Nagano Makoto's kanzenseiha in SASUKE 17.

Other Uses

A modified version of the obstacle, the X-Bridge (which Ninja Warrior also called the "Bridge of Blades"), was added in SASUKE 24 as the second obstacle and with six small blades instead of four large blades.

The obstacle also appeared in American Ninja Warrior 2, the American qualifying tournament for SASUKE 26. Although there was no block down the middle, the padding caused it to be in a plus-shape, providing an interesting threat for the competitors. It was one of the most deadly obstacles of the day, eliminating many former qualifiers such as Brett Sims, Rick Huelga, and Paul Darnell. It was also extremely dangerous, as one competitor suffered a wound to the head that caused him to bleed. The obstacle was modified in American Ninja Warrior 3 and also returned for the Mid-South and Midwest regionals of American Ninja Warrior 4. It returned back in American Ninja Warrior 6, where is was used in the St. Louis' Course.

Competitor's Success Rate

SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
13 26 30 86.68%
14 34 38 88.48%
15 18 21 88.72%
16 29 30 96.68%
17 38 42 88.52%
ANW 2* 25 28 88.28%
ANW 3* 27 27 100%
ANW 4 146 148 98.32%
Total 334 356 92.56%
  • Only American Ninja Warrior 2 & 3's Semi-Finals results are shown.

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