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Corbin Mackin is a Ninja Warrior UK competitor who has competed in both the first and second tournaments, performing well both times. Throughout his time on the show, he has continuously promoted the British charity: Help for Heroes, stemming from a tragic event involving the death of his brother, Travis Mackin, whilst they were undertaking military service. Corbin himself has also served in the British Armed Forces, as a Rifleman between 2006-2010. Corbin now works as a Gas Engineer for British Gas, and is a freerunner and stuntman in his spare time.

Ninja Warrior UK

In the first tournament, Corbin was easily one of the standout competitors, clearing both the Heat 1 and Semi-Final courses with ease and advancing to the Final. In the Final he performed well, being one of only six competitors to clear stage one, before ultimately failing the Salmon Ladder due to a combination of technique and inexperience. He came joint 5th overall.

Ninja Warrior UK II

In the second Ninja Warrior UK tournament, Corbin returned with a vengeance, hoping to improve on his series 1 performance. Shockingly however, he failed the 5th of obstacle of Heat 5, the Ring Toss, but still came 5th overall, earning him a place in the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals however, Corbin's performance greatly improved. He cleared the modified course with ease, climbing the Spider Climb and pressing the button in the 6th fastest time overall.

In the Final, it was expected for him to reach and finally defeat the Salmon Ladder, but this did not come to pass. Due to problems mistiming the dismount on the Pipe Slider, he plummeted into the water, ending his series 2 challenge and placing him 15th overall.

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