Coin Flip

American Ninja Warrior 7's Spinning Bridge in Stage One

The Coin Flip was an obstacle, firstly introduced as the seventh obstacle in Stage One of Las Vegas National Finals on American Ninja Warrior 7, replacing the Spinning Bridge from the previous competition. Competitors must run across three free floating discs while maintaining their balance, in order to reach the landing mat. The middle disc was lower than the other two, which caused trouble for some competitors when they were leaping to the third disc. Not landing on the center of the disc would cause it to flip forward or backward.

Although only 8 competitors failed on this obstacle, it was notable for taking out David Campbell (in a similar fashion with his Spinning Bridge fall on American Ninja Warrior 4), which made his fourth consecutive Stage One failure since American Ninja Warrior 4. Like the Triple Swing, it was only used once, and was replaced by Broken Bridge on American Ninja Warrior 8.

This obstacle appeared as the third obstacle in the finals' Stage 1 on Ninja Warrior UK 3, and all competitors who attempted it, could complete it.

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