The Climbing Bars (クライミングバー), dubbed the Bridge of Destiny by G4, is an obstacle introduced with the Third Stage redesign in SASUKE 14. Directly following the Jumping Bars, competitors must climb a set of inclined monkey bars three meters up of an unknown angle to the green resting bar before the Pipe Slider. Competitors are allowed to use their feet, as Takeda Toshihiro did in SASUKE 15, but with the shortening of the Jumping Bars in SASUKE 16 and onward, competitors were not as physically drained, and thus were able to clear the Climbing Bars with ease. In the 18th Competition, the Climbing Bars were shortened and placed at a greater angle to make room for the Spider Flip. In the five tournaments it was in place, it took out only one competitor, Shiratori Bunpei in SASUKE 15. It was eventually replaced by the Sending Climber.

Climbing Bars2

The redesigned Climbing Bars in SASUKE 18

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
14 1 1 100%
15 1 2 50%
16 3 3 100%
17 3 3 100%
18 0 0 N/A
Total 8 9 88.88%

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