Chris Wilczewski is an American Ninja Warrior competitor who has competed in seven of the competitions. In American Ninja Warrior 2 he placed 10th in the qualifiers, with a time of 48.72 seconds. However, in the Semi-Finals, he was one of many competitors to fail the Salmon Ladder.

He then came back for American Ninja Warrior 3 and killed the qualifying course, finishing the course with the third fastest time. In the Semi-Finals, he made it past the Salmon Ladder that eliminated him last time. However, like many that day, he failed the Unstable Bridge. Still, that was enough to place him second in the Semi-Finals. His performance in Boot Camp, however, was not enough to go to SASUKE 27.

Chris returned in American Ninja Warrior 4 and finished the qualifying course in 1:20.70. In the semi-finals, Chris managed to finish fast enough to get a spot in the top 15. In Las Vegas cleared the first stage with less than 9 seconds but failed the first obstacle in Second Stage the Slider Drop when he lost his grip due to the impact of the drop. He again compete in American Ninja Warrior 5 along with his younger brother Brian. However, he shocked many by failing the Circle Cross.

In American Ninja Warrior 6, Chris made it back to Vegas finishing 16th in the qualifying round and 9th in the finals. He cleared the First Stage with 22.26 seconds left. In the Second Stage, he missed the landing pad on the Metal Spin and was left hanging in the middle of the obstacle. He couldn't get the obstacle to spin back to the mat and eventually dropped into the water.

In American Ninja Warrior 7, Chris competed again for the 6th time on ANW. He competed in the Pittsburgh qualifiers. He made it past the first 2 obstacles, but on the new Snake Crossing, he lost his balance and got DQ'd. This was his second time failing qualifying. He was once again beaten by his brother Brian Wilczewski.

Chris competed on the inaugural season of Team Ninja Warrior as a member of the Lab Rats, also consisting of Michelle Warnky and his brother Brian, the captain.

Chris competed in American Ninja Warrior 8 wearing pink to support breast cancer. He once again fell in qualifying, failing Rolling Thunder, but his speed on the other four obstacles guaranteed him a spot in the finals, placing 13th overall. However, he went the farthest than anyone in the history-making Philadelphia City Finals course with no finishers, only to fail the last obstacle, the Invisible Ladder. In Vegas, Chris completed Stage 1 with just 8.22 seconds left on the clock. On Stage 2 he was making good time on the course, but he failed the Double Wedge.

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Chris Wilczewski ANW All-Star Special 2017

Chris took over the captain position for the Lab Rats on Team Ninja Warrior 2. On his first matchup, however, he injured his left shoulder. Despite beating his competitor, he had to pull from the competition. Chris's shoulder injury also resulted in him not competing on American Ninja Warrior 9.

The Movement Lab

To train for American Ninja Warrior, Chris and his brother Brian created replicas of several obstacles on the show. This course is called The Warrior Lab and he trains there daily. Several of the city finalists in the Northeast region of American Ninja Warrior 4 have trained there. The Warrior Lab is now known as a gym called the Movement Laboratory in Hainesport, NJ, where Chris and Brian teach students parkour and Ninja Warrior. Obstacle replicas include:

ANW # Result Notes
4 Failed Slider Drop (Second Stage)
6 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage)
8 Failed Double Wedge (Second Stage) Failed 2nd wall

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