The Cannonball (キャノンボール) was the sixth obstacle in the First Marine Stage in the first two VIKING competitions and the seventh in VIKING 3. It consisted of four spheres suspended in the air, each with a diameter of 90 cm. The competitor had to run across the spheres, which spun when touched. Moving too slow on the spheres resulted in many slipping and tumbling down into the water. SASUKE All-Star Yamada Katsumi failed this obstacle in VIKING 2, he made it to the third before slipping, however he caught himself on the ropes suspending the last one before finally falling.

The obstacle made its SASUKE debut in SASUKE 27 as the Spin Bridge.

KUNOICHI 9 Version

Cannonball (キャノンボール) is a brand new obstacle in KUNOICHI 9 which consists of a huge ball, similar to a hamster ball weight 32kg that competitor have to push it on an uphill incline in order to reach the finishing buzzer.

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