Cain Clarke is an athlete who first competed in the third Ninja Warrior UK Competition, performing extremely well despite his status as a newcomer.

Ninja Warrior UK 3

Making his debut in the third Ninja Warrior UK Competition, Cain showed great promise from the outset. He first appeared in Heat One, beating all six obstacles with ease and scaling the Warped Wall in one minute and 21 seconds, the fifth fastest time. Cain then made a strong showing in the Semi-Finals, clearing all nine obstacles and narrowly reaching the Finals with the joint thirteenth fastest time.

Despite his low qualifying position moving into the Finals, Cain showed his true potential when he became the first to clear Stage One, in the fastest time of the day to boot. In the unconquered Second Stage however, Cain quickly rose to the highest tier of Ninja Warrior UK Competitors when he became the first man ever to clear Stage Two of the finals, blazing through Wall Lift with 38 seconds to spare and advancing to Stage Three. Unfortunately, the un-attempted Third Stage proved too much when Cain slipped and fell on the second ledge of the Crazy Cliffhanger. Despite this however, fellow finalist: Jonny Urszuly managed to follow suit and reach the fourth ledge of the Crazy Cliffhanger, beating Cain to the title of Last Man Standing and causing him to place second overall.

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